We turn the real world into a digital canvas. 

Photogrammetry for architects

How does it work?

Imagine inserting the project into a photo accurate 3D model  with cm level accuracy. This means you can generate genuine views from the site that are both survey accurate and photo realistic.

You will have the ability to design as if you are on site instead of using still images that fail to capture real parallax.

The sample below is a house design inserted into this virtual world. 
Combining 3D buildings with photogrammetry has been our goal since the formation of our company. We are finally there! 

We turn the real world into your digital canvas

With the utilisation of VR headset the user will has the ability to not only walk around the house viewing actual parallax views from various perspectives in rooms, they will literally be able to leave the house and digitally walk to the shops an entire suburb away as if they were playing a computer game.
Seeing these aerial photography models in VR will blow your mind. 

Our 3D models are accurate and quantifiable.

Capture cities, regions, towns, mines and construction sites with extremely high quality volumetric 3D models.  Use the right mouse button change the orientation of the model above. 

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