Progress aerial photography

Aerial Time-Lapse

Time lapse your job site as it is built, whilst keeping a permanent record in the event of future disputes.

We offer monthly time lapse of both material movement, maps, and also standard oblique photos.

Construction progress aerial photography before


Construction progress aerial photography after


Monthly progress design to actual.

Compare monthly material movement

Demonstrate how material compares to the design surface.

Cut and fill calculation

Calculate cut and fill

Quickly and easily calculate cut and fill with our data. We supply in all formats from LAS to E57 and across web calculation platforms

Aerial photo of construction site

We can take orthorectified photos from the same position monthly to accurately determine site progress and changes over time. Both large scale and small scale projects.

This data can also be overlaid onto
Google Maps

We make 3D worlds

Our 3D models are accurate and quantifiable.

Capture cities, regions, towns, mines and construction sites with extremely high quality volumetric 3D models.  Use the right mouse button change the orientation of the model above. 

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